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Subject: ECO question

Author: Robert Pope

Date: 08:08:46 03/04/00

I was going to download some of Dann Corbit's big collection of games to look at
some games with oddball openings and I have a question about what would be in
each of these files.

There is a file called ECO.pgn that seems to show what code an opening is
assigned (e.g. A00).

Looking at this, I found:
     [ECO "A00"]
     [Opening "Benko's opening"]
     [Variation "Tuebingen variation"]
     1. g3 *

so it seemed that all games beginning 1. g3 should be in A00.
But then I saw this later on:

     [ECO "A07"]
     [Opening "Reti"]
     [Variation "King's Indian attack "]
     1. g3 d5 2. Bg2 Nf6 3. Nf3 *

Can anyone explain how these opening codes work?  Why isn't the second opening
line included in A00?  Or is it?


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