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Subject: Re: Shirov strong tactical test position

Author: Dirk Frickenschmidt

Date: 09:39:32 09/23/97

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>I tried this on the release version of CSTal. We have this game in 

>book, so CSTal would play Lf6 without any thought; so I turned the book 

>off, and put it into infinite mode (PP200).


>It found Bf6 very fast, then after 25 seconds:


>Lg5 !! Kg8 f5 Rxe5 Bxh6 g6 fxg6 +1.90, 7 ply, 25 secs.


>The move was holding later with the score at +2.03 for 9 ply, and 

>+2..41 failing high at 10 ply, then +2.80 on the 10 ply research.


>Do I get a beer for this ?  :)




Of course you will get a beer for this soon as you visit me here in 
Wuppertal ;-)

 You might even get 3 or five then...




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