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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 03:33:42 09/28/97

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On September 28, 1997 at 06:12:32, Thorsten Czub wrote:


>>I didn't enter on time. I entered after the deadline, didn't query 

>>amateur/professional status and offered my $1000 and 150 word CSTal 

>>description on provisioal acceptance.


>>I was accepted without any problems or queries.




>That is what Peter said to me too:

> in championships before, the deadline was never taken serious or it was 

>never a problem to subscribe later, as experience has shown.

> If a PAYING member subscribes, they are more willing to help than when 

>a NON-paying member wants to participate.


1. Thorsten, you are only going to be able to make a meal of this if 
you can demonstrate the following:


That Mchess applied (late ot otherwise) but indicated to the icca that 
there was a financial problem with the $1000 entry fee and 
amateur/professional status.


At the moment this is just conjecture.


Do you have any evidence ?


2. No doubt we can generate massive, multiple anti-icca thread right 
now. Its always possible to generate threads, all you need is two 
people, and then some others to get annoyed.will help further.


Is there any point in it ? I mean, we had these battles some time back. 
I'm quite happy with the outcome, I got my side of the story over, and 
"won", in my own terms. Everybody knows the issues, I still have my 
opinions the same, and they theirs, no doubt. Again from my point of 
view, there is no possibility that the icca would ever try any 
discrimination against me again, it would be political dynamite for 


So the next issue is you (and Mchess). Are they treating you improperly 
? Are you really banned ? Do you want to make a meal out of it ?


If we stick to concrete and specific issues, then I'm willing to go 
along with the discussion. But, as Bruce says, just regurgitating old 
stuff to attack the icca with deoes seem a little pointless right 


Lets keep to specific issues that can be backed with data. Mchess entry 
may be one, Thorsten icca status may be another. But with DATA only.




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