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Subject: Re: A Question on simple Alpha-Beta versus PVS/Negascout

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 11:19:27 03/22/00

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Hi Bruce,

>Some of these algorithms attempt to return valid scores that are outside the
>window.  I've never figured out how to do this.  One of the systems that tries
>to do this doesn't work with a variable depth search.

Why does fail-soft PVS not work with variable-depth searches
in your opinion?

I prefer fail-soft over fail-hard by far and it works perfectly
well in "DarkThought" (

The initial chapter of my book "Scalable Search in Computer Chess"
( explains the
nature and benefits of the fail-soft formulation on pages 14-17:

  * more potential fail-high cutoffs and

  * possibility of better lower bounds for the researches.


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