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Subject: Re: Deep Blue news

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 08:53:27 10/03/97

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On October 03, 1997 at 10:42:58, Jonathan Schaeffer wrote:

>I spoke with Murray Campbell a few days ago and he said that the Deep
>Blue team was very upset about the retirement announcement.  Apparently
>they are not retired.  However, they are out of the business of
>arranging/sponsoring big matches.  Murray said he will still work on the
>program part time.  If anyone comes forward with a match proposal, they
>will listen.

How much are they under the control of IBM ?

Like, not under it, they can presumably play whoever and whenever they

Under total control and they can do nothing.

Given the conspiracy theories, and the suggestions that other GM's would
have won matches against DB; presumably the developers temselves woudl
welcome the opportunity to play more matches .... ?

Do you know anything about their contractual position ? Could they leave
and set up on their own, or with another chip manufacturer ?


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