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Subject: Re: Amir Ban article from rgcc - cheating by DB on move 36 ?

Author: Dirk Frickenschmidt

Date: 12:30:33 10/03/97

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>>> When they publish details, we'll find out.

You mean *if* they will ever show enough heavenly blue kindness to
inform us of what they wish to inform us?  :-)


>again, they are talking.  Hsu spent a month in Asia talking about DB
>and the match.  Sort of like the old "if a tree falls in the woods, and
>no one heard it, did it make any sound?"  ANd the answer is always
>yes or no.  The classic definition of sound is energy transmitted thru a
>fluid medium of some sort.  Others say it is the result of this energy
>hitting our eardrum.  But it is likely there anyway...
>So just because *we* don't hear much, doesn't mean *they* aren't saying
>much...  just that they choose to stay away from the r.g.c.c hell-hole.

Maybe they will get acquainted to playing on earth and spreading news on
Mars or in underwater colonies? ;-)

I'm sorry for repeating it:
 the whole IBM deep blue information politics as well as their behaviour
concerning a rematch - which should only start under controlable
conditions after all we have had to learn about their customs meanwhile
-  was from the beginning up to now very, very, very far from anything
acceptable for a public which is not willing to swallow pseudo-religious
machine myth tales instead of clearly documented facts.

For example I still have not seen any game score of the funny junior
games played against micros, and the way we had to bulid theories about
their hardware advantage in this match was simply ridiculous.

The DB team probably did a marvelous job, but the IBM politics
converning it is anything else than marvelous, to pronounce it extremely

I'm really glad more and more people will completely ignore their claims
as long as this will not change. I for my part shurely will...

- rest snipped-

Kind regards from Dirk

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