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Subject: Re: Could this message board be made available as a mailing list too?

Author: Tim Mirabile

Date: 14:01:48 10/03/97

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On October 03, 1997 at 15:39:47, Bernhard Sadlowski wrote:

>Hi! Nice idea this message board. Does this mean that a moderated
> is no longer planned?

I don't know.  I guess if there is still enough interest it will go
forward.  But who knows if after all the work it would take to create if the final vote would even be successful.

>I guess many
>people would like to be able to do offline reading, when you have
>to pay for online time. This is the case for most dial up users
>in Germany.

At this point, messages from the previous day are being archived daily
at 4AM server time. (The delay is to give the moderators four hours to
notice stuff which needs to be removed before it gets into the archive
files).  If you go to the archive page, you can download the previous
day's articles, then disconnect from the net for reading and composing
replies.  The archive files are zipped plain text files, so you can use
any text editor for this.  When you are done and are ready to post your
replies, you would just need to go to each message you want to reply to
and use "copy and paste" to copy your reply into the form.

(Yes, this will be added to the FAQ :) )

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