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Subject: Re: Fidelity versus Rebel et al

Author: Enrique Irazoqui

Date: 05:24:08 10/05/97

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On October 05, 1997 at 05:59:21, Robert Sullivan wrote:

>I have a Fidelity Chess Challenger, which has a clock speed of 3mHz. If
>one played the newer programs against Fidelity with the maximum ply
>searched held equal, would this result in a comparison of the relative
>strengths of each program, independent of processor speed? In other
>words, would this exercise yield information about which program played
>the "best" chess?

I don't think so. If you test, for example, Hiarcs 6 and Fritz 5 at
equal ply levels, H6 would win hands down. It's more a matter of
computing time.

Playing one of the best current programs against a state of the art of
some 15 years ago on equal platforms would be interesting. Say one of
the Sargon programs, also by the Spracklen like your Challenger, against
Rebel, Hiarcs, Mchess, Genius or Fritz. This might give us an idea about
the advances in programs during the last 15 years. It might also bring
some light about this discussion I had with Bob a few months ago, where
he said programs didn't improve qualitatively in this period of time and
I disagreed with him.



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