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Subject: Re: Has anyone some nice test-suites like Covax ?

Author: Enrique Irazoqui

Date: 07:31:28 10/05/97

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On October 04, 1997 at 10:52:46, Thorsten Czub wrote:

>Hi -
>i would like to do some test-suites with CSTal-Paris to come into the
>right mood, but I need some
>complicate ones.
>shirov was to easy.
>Please post the position or suite if you have it
>in EPD or PGN. Thanks.

These 4 I find quite difficult. We can add them to Ed's CCC-1 and CCC-2.
Can you post your results with CST?

8/4K2p/6pr/5pk1/1pB2R2/p4PP1/8/8 w - - Rg4+;
8/2pp2pp/8/2PP1P2/1p5k/8/PP4p1/6K1 w - - f6;
7K/6p1/8/7p/8/8/R7/6k1 w - - Kh7;
8/4P3/7n/5n1K/R6N/6k1/2q5/8 w - - e8Q;


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