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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Michael Borgstaedt (GOLIATH CHESS)

Date: 14:50:59 10/05/97

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On October 05, 1997 at 17:26:48, Thorsten Czub wrote:

>>Mr. Fischer and some of his partners take this part.
>>He has developed his own program (just for fun too) earlier and
>>with it at Jakarta WMCCC 1996.
>>Perhaps Mr. Fischer used some of my ideas, but he has NO ACCESS to the
>>sourcecode of the Goliath-engine.
>>I don't like his idea to participate at Paris this year, but this is his
>>own decision. I would like to see him operating Goliath at Paris WMCCC.
>>I will contact Mr. Fischer today, perhaps he will withdraw Heureka.
>>Best regards,
>>M. Borgstaedt
>I feel very proud to be a member of such a community. And one reason it
>such actions like you have shown Mr.Borgstaedt and Mr.Fischer !
>This is exactly the friendship and sportmenship I like to share !
>This is the reason I do computerchess.
>I hope we will have time to meet in Paris.
>Please send my best wishes to Mr. Fischer. I hope he will join us here
>in CCC !
>BTW: which hotel shall we book ???
>Can we all try to coordinate hotel-booking ???
>I would like to share the same hotel with other enthusiasts of the same
>I will take a pc with me, so we could play some games at the hotel or
>the game from the day before and find out about if you want.

Nice idea

>Which hotel is booked by whom ??

We (Goliath-team) have not booked a hotel up to now.
Any suggestions ?

M. Borgstaedt

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