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Subject: Re: CCC-I test set

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 00:21:33 10/06/97

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Results for DarkThought on 500MHz Alpha-21164a with 128MB RAM:

-bm Rxe6;           0 sec
>bm Bxg7;          12 sec
>bm Ng4!;         151 sec
>bm Nxf7;          --
>bm Rc3!!;         --
>am Qxh6??;       260 sec  (plays Qxe4, scores Qxh6? as -2.5)
>bm Rh3+ M15;      14 sec
>bm Bd4+ M15;    [  0 sec] (correct move, score unresolved fail-high)
>bm Rxh7 M16;    [  0 sec] (correct move, score unresolved fail-high)
>bm Qxf3 M7;      282 sec  (correct move after 176 sec)
>bm b3!;           21 sec

Thank you very much for the nice positions, Ed!


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