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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 09:09:09 10/06/97

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On October 06, 1997 at 05:19:55, Graham Laight wrote:

>As I've said before, in motor racing, you may use different
>manufacturers to supply the engine. However, size of engine, use of
>turbochargers, and stuff like this is strictly controlled. The
>equivalent in computers would be to control the clock speed and RAM
>IMHO. 200 Mghz and 32 Mb RAM, say I.

As I have said elsewhere, this also favors certain architectures.  Some
processors can do more than one instruction per "tick", some do more
work per instruction, and some are more efficient about accessing

If you put a Mhz limit on this, you would force people into one
architecture, the one that got you the most bang for your mhz buck.

A 200 mhz Alpha would get killed, it doesn't do as much per instruction
as a 200 mhz Pentium Pro, so this would more or less disqualify that

Your proposal is like mandating an RPM limit, without also controlling
the size of the engine or its gear ratios.


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