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Subject: Re: CCC-III (positional test)

Author: Michael Borgstaedt (GOLIATH CHESS)

Date: 11:58:06 10/07/97

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On October 06, 1997 at 04:28:07, Ed Schröder wrote:

>I have taken a POSITIONAL set from my database.
>I call the set CCC-III (positional test)
>The source of these positions comes from the "Beat the Masters" magazine
>which doesn't exist any longer as far as I can remember.
>Critical game fragments are analysed by IM's and GM's and points for
>several moves are given. I mainly use these "Beat the Masters" sets
>as a first indicator to improve Rebel.
>What I like about these sets that besides the 'best move' (10 points)
>also for other moves points are given. Also these positions are great
>to test the positional understanding of a chess program on critical
>points of a game.
>There are a few pure tactical positions but they are by far in minority.
>The rules...
>1.. Level = 1 minute average per position.
>2.. Check the 'Move played' with the list and add the points.
>Rebel 9.0 gets in total 325 points for CCC-III.
>Machine: PII/266, 28 Mb hash.
>I am curious how other programs do here. If there is enough interest
>(other output) I will publish another set of this kind.
>Below are the 45 positions in PGN as well in EPD.
>You need the PGN output because of the 'candidate moves' points.
>For Rebel9 in the PGN output I have used the:
>- WHITE_ELO for the points Rebel9 got;
>- BLACK_ELO to update the total points sofar;
>I hope it's all clear.
>Happy testing...
>- Ed -

Goliath 1.1 (K6-200, 4 MB hashtables):  312 points

- Michael -

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