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Subject: Komputer Korner demands a Fritz 5 patch

Author: Komputer Korner

Date: 19:53:35 10/07/97

As you all know, I was a beta tester for Fritz 5 and it was a harrowing
experience. There were many things that I reported that Matthias
duplicate, but  thank GOD, all the major things were caught. There are
minor bugs in Fritz 5 and until now, I felt that they were too minor to
worry about. My opinion has changed since working with some different
books. I had reported this during the beta testing but see above
the response. Sometimes Fritz 5 will not show or acknowledge the book
in a fbk book and you have to either change books or flip sides or use
other drastic measures including takebacks to get the program to  use
fbk book. If you are looking at a line in Fritz 5 and you want to see
sides of a Fritz 5 book, you have to switch sides and play the line from
the other side, because Fritz 5 will not show the fbk books while in
monitor mode. You actually have to play Fritz to see one side of the fbk
books. Others have pointed out other minor flaws and I have collected
around 30 of them and most of them  I have found myself. It is
to find all the flaws in a beta test and even when you find them, the
programmers have to duplicate the bug or it doesn't get caught.
reporting of a flaw doesn't do any good because it involves too much
programming to meet the deadline for release. All of these excuses are
play here including beta test fatigue. Believe me all the beta testers
spent a lot of hours. So where are we now? I believe that ChessBase has
address the red/green  light problem and the disappearing book moves of
fbk books and the monitor mode not showing book moves problems. Another
thing I found is that in the Power Book ctg tree, after the position,
1.e4c5 2.Nf3Nc6 3. Bb5e6 4.o-oNge7 5.Re1Nd4 6.Nxd4cxd4 7.c3Nc6  and
some  takebacks and forwards the first time I was looking at the
for the 8th move, I noticed that the bottom candidate read 8.b3xN
Where did the xN come from? After using takebacks and play forwards a
couple of times the xN went away!  Because of examples like the above
other minor things, I feel that a patch is warranted. Don't get me
wrong. I
love Fritz 5 and am calling it the Chess program of the year. It has won
the most gold medals on the Komputer Korner Gold Medal list and  has the
most useful features for both the tournament chess player and novice
but it is time to fine tune the Mercedes Benz of Chess playing programs
with a patch.
Excuse the  bad formatting but I simply copied my  post from the

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