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Subject: Re: How does one view the present day messages that are on the message board

Author: Komputer Korner

Date: 19:59:41 10/07/97

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On October 07, 1997 at 21:22:53, Steven Schwartz wrote:

>On October 07, 1997 at 20:52:38, Komputer Korner wrote:
>>Sorry, I look foolish again. Only recent messages that I posted take
>>forever to view. I guess that it takes time for the posted message to
>>work its way into the system so that one can see what one has posted.
>>The other messages are coming up in a reasonable time. Steve,  I think
>>you have a gold mine here, if you can keep up with the traffic.
>I think you are doing something wrong (again) because one of the
>really nice things about the CCC is that your own messages appear
>almost immediately after you submit them to you and everyone else;
>there is no substantial lag as there is on the newsgroups.
>At work I have a relatively fast news server, and I usually
>can see posted messages 1/2 hour to 1 hour after they are actually
>submitted. At home my news server is about a day behind. I have
>the "privilege" of seeing my own posts a day later and answers
>to them two days later.
>Here the system is not far off from a chat room. When I hit
>the "submit follow up" button now, my message will immediately
>be placed on the list for you and me to read. If you do not
>see your message immediately, perhaps you might try to "reload".
>Also, if the system loads slowly when you enter, you might try
>limiting the selection from "All" to 7 days (good), 24 hours (better),
>or 3 hours (best). Then you can look through the messages in increments.
>I hope that helps.

Thanks Steve, your suggestion works I guess. I had the All button
clicked and some messages seemed to take forever to click on. Okay now
with the 3 hours button. This is a great idea. BTW, Any news on Chess
Assistant 3 ?

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