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Subject: Re: Does Rebel9 play endgame much better without using tablebase?

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 08:20:39 10/08/97

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On October 08, 1997 at 04:12:44, Ed Schröder wrote:

>>Is Rebel9 very smart in playing endgame without using tablebase?
>Of course :))
>>I hope Ed Schroder will answer the question above, and I will
>>appreciate it very much.
>Sofar I haven't looked at the famous table bases. From what I understood
>is that it will slow down the search with 50% if you want to use the
>table bases in the end game at *every* node.
>Perhaps a few table base experts can comment this?
>Do Ferret / Crafty limit the table bases to a certain depth in the
>>Thank you,
>>Rebel8 End User
>Satisfied Rebel9 End User :))
>- Ed -
>>P.S. tablebase is a database of endgames only.

I probe them in the normal search, but not in the quiescence search.
I only probe after a capture that takes me to the right number of pieces
for a hit (I use all 3/4 piece endings, plus KRP,KRN, KRB, KRR and KQR
(all vs KR) 5 piece endings.  I rarely see a 50% slowdown, if ever.  But
I see some remarkable endgames.  I've seen at least one mate in 50
announced so far, and KRP vs KR (which most programs play badly) becomes
a snap.

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