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Subject: Re: Could this message board be made available as a mailing list too?

Author: Marcel van Kervinck

Date: 09:02:28 10/08/97

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On October 03, 1997 at 15:39:47, Bernhard Sadlowski wrote:

>Hi! Nice idea this message board. Does this mean that a moderated
> is no longer planned?

I'm still working on the newsgroup. But there is a lot of waiting
involved. Current state of affairs is:

- proposal was sent to the 'netgods', who forsaw no problems with
  the proposed newsgroup. Except for the name: they strongly
  suggested that it should be '',
  instead of '...programming'. This is to be consistent with
  other programming newsgroups in the rec.* hierarchy.
  Yes, I know: nobody likes that name, not even the netgods,
  but we'll have to live with it. The alternative is still unclear.
- a stable address has been established to do the future
  moderation from. This is required before the official RFD
  (Request For Discussion) can start.
  This address is <>, and for now it can be
  used to contact the proponents of the newsgroup. (who do the
  'virual paperwork' for the creation process.)
- a mailinglist has been set up for updates and discussion on
  the proposed group, the voting procedure and how moderation
  will be done. If some people would volunteer to help moderate, that
  would certainly speed up the creation process.
  This mailinglist is <> (Note the extra
  letter 'l'.) You can subscribe to it by mailing me, or by mailing
  to <>. The majordomo software will
  mail instructions on how to vote. Probably faster would be just
  to mail me directly at <>, or even better, at
  <>. State your name and email address, and
  you'll be included.

Future things to do:

- Agree on the first official RFD (a draft was posted to rgcc)
- Have a group of people who volunteer to be moderator.
- Post the RFD to news.announce.newgroups, rgcc, and all other
  related newsgroups and mailinglists.
- Have an official 21-day discussion period (in news.groups, if I
  remember correctly)
- If all goes well and the RFD holds, start the voting process (CFV)
- This vote will be taken by a independent volunteer (Usenet Voting
  Volunteer, UVV for short). He/she collects and counts the votes
- Wait another month for that to end
- Hope we had enough votes to win (that is: 2/3 of all votes say
  YES, and the are at least 100 more YES votes than there are NO votes.

For those interested: please let me know! The voting is essential,
and we probably need over 130 YES votes to succeed. (Given the results
og the most recent votes for new groups)

> I guess many
>people would like to be able to do offline reading, when you have
>to pay for online time. This is the case for most dial up users
>in Germany.

Newsgroups are still the best place for group discussion, I think.
However, a newsgroup is not something that can be created overnight.

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