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Subject: Re: Let's analyze move 36

Author: Ren Wu

Date: 11:23:45 10/08/97

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On October 06, 1997 at 17:27:05, Chris Whittington wrote:

>How's that chess program of yours doing ?

Not very much progress, I am very busy recently and spent almost all my
spare time on my thesis.

Tacticly, Initiative is quite strong, and it is doing ok on those test
suites. Judged by a large and hard tactic test suite, ecm, my program is
still not as strong as Firtz and  Ferret on tactic side. I don't have
data for other programs, so I don't know how others doing on this suite.

Positionally, my program is worse than most 'brand name' program, the
code evaluate the pass pawn and king safety needs more work.

It is a surprise that my program play quite well on endgame, provide it
runs on a fast computer with big enough hashtable.

I did let my program play at fics sometime ago. However, the biggest
reason to lose a game is the communication problem between my program
and the winboard! Also, I only have a very small book(300K), and human
are really good at cock that book.

It had played Crafty on fics about the same time crafty play Fritz5 and
other programs. There are about 8 games on equal hardware (P6 200) and
my program only win 2 and draw 1. So I think it is not as strong as
crafty on speed chess. But think about that Fritz etc lost almost all
games against that version of crafty, my result is not that bad.

My todo list now are gettng very big, I just wish that I can find some
more time work on my program. I know a way will increase my program's
speed about 20%.   Bruce and Bob have convicenced my to try static
evaluator in capture search, and likily will reduce the tree size a bit.
If so and if  I can find time fine turn the pass pawn and king safety
code, I think my program will close to the top.

If you and others interested my program's result on those test suite, I
can post them here. It is shame that I can't go to paris this time,
otherwise it will be a great  time to meet you and all other computer
chess experts.


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