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Subject: Re: Deep Blue news

Author: Richard A. Fowell (

Date: 14:32:32 10/12/97

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> Doesn't Garry Kasparov have a few million in the bank by now?
I saw something recently indicating that both Kasparov and Karpov
are millionaires. It would be ironic if the first purchaser of
Deep Blue was Kasparov <grin>. You could do some serious "TN" searching
with that machine ... also, it would make a dandy "second" for
analyzing adjourned games. My guess would be that the output and
interface might be less polished than Fritz, though.

It still think that the idea of selling PCI boards with a "Baby Blue"
chip on it and a code library to make calls to it and to adjust the
evaluation parameters would be an interesting possibility. Of course,
one could make the board capable of handling 1-8 chips (whatever fits)
and let the purchaser populate as many chips as they wanted.

Sort of a "chess coprocessor" ... maybe Dell/Gateway could include
a socket on their motherboards?

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