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Subject: Re: e-mailing lists

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 15:24:23 10/12/97

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On October 12, 1997 at 18:15:20, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>Vincent Diepeveen
>BTW i'm paying telephone bill while typing this, and explorer doesn't
>to have some smart caching system. It seems to lack things like that.
>Takes me another reload time.
>Is it possible to get  this on an emailinglist?

Hi Vincent,
I posted a couple of days ago the following in CCC... Perhaps it will be
of some help... Also Tim has posted a few suggestions for writing
off-line as well...
New Stuff...
1) We have added a counter to the bottom of the message list page.
2) Tim is working on a system that will allow the server to remember how
you last viewed the message list. This will enable us to move the
message list back to the index.html page, and it will then restore the
ability of the web browser to remember which messages you had already
viewed. Soon... there will be no more reading the same message twice.
3) We have heard the requests for a mailing list, and we are in the
process of seeing if that is feasible with the current set-up. If it can
be done with our server, it will be done, but we cannot make any
promises at this time. In the meanwhile, each day's messages are
archived for the express purpose of off-line reading. Please take
advantage of this feature if your on-line expenses are high.
4) We are currently working on an Index for Archives. This will make it
much easier for off-line reading. If the mailing list cannot be, then
this should make life easier and less expensive for many of you.
5) Shortly, we expect to give you the ability to change your password.

It has been our goal to make the CCC a comfortable environment for all
of you. We would like to hear your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Now for the Info...
In the last 24 hours (5 p.m. yesterday 10/9 till 5 p.m. today 10/10)..
eliminating posts directly referencing CCC in RGCC and RGCM, here are
the total number of posts:
CCC =   57 posts
RGCC =  43 posts
RGCM =  26 posts

Thanks for joining the CCC.

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