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Subject: Re: Chess System Tal

Author: Chris Whittington

Date: 03:59:03 10/14/97

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On October 14, 1997 at 05:55:16, Thorsten Czub wrote:

>>What did the rules about this forum say: no commercial advertisement?
>>censor Chris
>>+noplay Chris
>>shout chris is not doing things right.
>>I would type at
>>So this is a new within few months?
>I guess we had a threat in the beginning about Chess System Tal.
>I don't know the contents anymore, but it was funny.
>This was BEFORE ccc was public and was even more a kind of group-email
>stuff posted in ccc as a test.
>Vincent, my main question is:
>What is your point against this ?
>Are you having something against it ? What ?
>Why ?

I think he was 'just testing'. The negativity was a carry over from
previous threads on rgcc. He knows better now (I hope).

We've made it clear that programmers can talk about their programs;
including commercial aspects.

What I guess we don't want is the PR and marketing departments of large
companies boring us with PR babble. Nor with 'do you want to buy/trade
my copy of Chess Marvellous, only $20, or exchange for Chess Paranoia.

>I don't understand this. CCC will not develop into rgcc, mainly because
>personal insults are NOT HERE and people like pope Rolf cannot post
>their long stories about whatever HERE.

Well he can post one long story. How long it stays up for is another

And I'm quite sure that carefully drafted and amusing personal insult
will manage to creep in now and again.


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