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Subject: Tablebase Access Code

Author: Roberto Waldteufel

Date: 01:40:15 04/26/00

Hello all,

Some time ago I wrote a chess program called Rabbit, and after a long period of
inactivity I have started working on it again. At present it does not have
tablebases, and I would like to add this capability to it. I know that Dr
Nalimov's tablebases are available for download from Dr Hyatt's ftp site, but my
main problem is not knowing how to access the data from them. I expect that
source code for this will be in C, which is not the language I use for
programming, so I really need either to understand the precise formula for
looking up a position or else to obtain a compiled version of the access code
that my program could call. My target platform is Windows on a P3/450, so a DLL
would be perfect for this. I wonder if such a DLL exists, and if so where can I
find it? Alternatively, is there public information about the position -->
address mapping of sufficient detail to allow me to program the lookups myself?
Any help would be most welcome.

Best wishes,


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