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Subject: Re: WMCCC Hardware

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 20:56:39 10/17/97

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On October 17, 1997 at 13:34:36, Chris Whittington wrote:

>Well the spirit of the WMCCC is uniform platform in so far as that is

I've been to two of them and I hadn't gotten that impression.  Lots of
people use the supplied machines, but others, professional and amateur,
bring their own machines.  The best programs often bring great hardware.

>As in W-Micro-Computer-CC. Certainly more so that in the totally open
>Sure there's been a range of microprocessors around, and sure those
>dreadful hardware manufacturers had the thing sewn up in more ways than
>one in the past.
>But now is now. PC's are standard and fast. alpha's are more like the
>old idea of a mini-computer.

My Alpha (533 mhz) is a PC.  It is the same size as a PC (actually, mine
is smaller than my P6/200), and uses the same components.  The
difference is a different motherboard, with a procesor that doesn't run
the x86 instruction set.

Just because it is faster than the fastest Intel chip or Intel clone,
doens't make it a mini-computer.

>And, since some 'amateurs' now have the resources to spend or acquire
>these ultra fast machines; while some 'professionals' can't or can
>barely afford the $1000 - something seems wrong somewhere.

I bought mine, but I think that is the only one that was actually paid
for.  Dark Thought is sponsored by Digital, and I think Chess Guru is
also.  I believe that some of the PII/300's are also "sponsored"

I am amateur not because I am poor, but because I am not selling my
program.  I am not adverse to the idea of selling programs.  I plan to
sell my program eventually, but it is not for sale yet.

If you are suggesting that the ICCA switch to a financial aid model that
is based upon the income of the applicant, without regard to where the
income comes from, that bears discussion as a new topic, I think.  I
don't have a strong opinion either way, but it might be interesting to
talk about.

>So, i'm not too worried about Dark Thought on an alpha. They are a
>university research team, they don't 'compete' in the market. Crafty and
>Ferret do. I'm crying foul and unfair.


>The other thought is how much influence these 'amateurs' with resources
>have on some of the commercials decisions to not attend. Probably quite
>a bit to do with it would be my guess. Why bang your head against 750
>Mhz when you can stay away ?

Ok, so last year they all stayed away because of Suharto, and this year
they are all staying away because of me.  Whatever, Chris.

>I plead with you both to run on fast K6's and not on alphas. Then the
>event will be in the spirit of equal resources for all, and a better

I'm going to bring my alpha.  If there is something better than that
waiting for me in Paris, and it meets with ICCA definition of a micro,
and it meets with *my* definition of a micro, I will use it.  I am not
going to use a K6/233 and let Fritz et al walk all over me.


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