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Subject: Deep Blue team to disclose their files.

Author: Jack van Rijswijck

Date: 14:49:33 10/20/97

The playoff for the Dutch chess championship between Jan Timman and
Pedrag Nikolic started today. Special guests were two members of the
Deep Blue team. There was a blurb about it on TV, but as it goes with
chess on TV, it was a very short blurb, so I didn't get as much
information as I would have liked. They brought "Baby Blue" with them,
which calculates about 16 million NPS. It was happily crunching away in
front of the TV camera, but alas, I couldn't make out anything other
than the well-known xboard interface. There was a short interview with
Joe Hoane, who said that they felt that DB could get even stronger, both
where knowledge and calculating force are concerned.

That's all very nice, but the shocker was mentioned casually by the TV
anchor man after the interview. Tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 21st, the DB team
are finally going to disclose their files and rebut Kasparov's
allegations. Stay tuned! (For those of you who happen to receive Dutch
TV and read this in time: Studio NOS, dinsdag 23:00, Nederland 2).

Jack van Rijswijck

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