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Subject: Re: WMCCC - may the best man at getting the fastest hardware win :(

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 21:42:28 10/22/97

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On October 22, 1997 at 14:14:16, Chris Whittington wrote:

>On October 22, 1997 at 14:02:23, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>>I don't agree, because he said that the P5/133 vs P5/120 was O.K.  and
>>that the PII/300 vs the AMD K6/233 was "ok".  But a 500mhz alpha (my
>>vs the AMD is "not ok."  I was looking for quantification of what
>>"ok" means...
>You can have a 'qualification'. Fast alphas are a CLASS ABOVE.

I don't think this works.  I don't think it is fine to say that the
PII/300's are fine and the Alphas (533's) aren't.

A PII/300 is a new and exotic thing still.  It's not something you just
happen to have lying around -- oh, there is a computer here, I'll put it
in the back of the car to take to Paris, I wonder if it is fast?  When I
ordered my Alpha, the 300 mhz PII was not yet available, I actually had
more information about the Alpha, since I knew Crafty ran well on it.

I bet that anyone who is bringing a PII/300 was either sponsored, in
which case they get the best stuff since the sponsor provides it, or
they bought it with clear intent to do more nodes than they can do on
one of the K6's.

Which was one of my reasons as well, but I think I got a little more for
my money.


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