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Subject: Re: exclusive reporting - 4th round as it happens

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 06:34:27 10/28/97

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>>>>>ICD/Your Move will pick up the expense of phone calls up to $200 or the
>>>>>equivalent cost in beers, but it is impractical that we call Germany
>>>>>from the U.S.. So all we need is a volunteer in Europe to make the calls
>>>>>and post in CCC immediately as information comes in. That person and
>>>>>Thorsten can split the money or beers. No drinking on the job, however;
>>>>>we want accurate gamescores:-]
>>>>As always, Steve's a good man.  Now keep those reports from the black
>>>>hole of information technology flowing.  :)

>Great. Spoke to Thorsten, he is really pleased that his phone bill will
>get picked up, thanks Steve. Also this now means that he will be able to
>call out more often (since on calling him, you can get hstuck with
>Deutche Telophone D2 lines busy, and they don;t try to cre-route to him
>- annoying. His calling out, however,  is usually foolproof.)
>All we need now is somebody in Europe, who is in good phone contact to
>volunteer to be Thorstens' intermediary.
>Chris Whittington

Let us get someone in Europe who does not have his life savings in ANY
stock market in the free world. We cannot afford to have our human phone
link jumping out of a window just at the crucial moment!

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