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Subject: Re: exclusive reporting - 4th round as it happens

Author: Jeroen Noomen

Date: 09:22:32 10/28/97

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>>Still I think it's a very nice thing to do for the people of CCC, the
>>more Thorsten risks losing some minutes on the clock for CSTal....
>>At least you are delivering what people are asking for, also risking a
>>disadvantage for your own program! I highly appreciate this.
>>Give my best regards to Thorsten and I should say that I am positively
>>surprised by the good results of CSTal until now! (Could I get a copy
>>or something!?)
>Did Ed get his copy ? It should have been sent (at least I ordered it
>sent, but that doesn't mean much) way back last week.
>You want another one, or didn't that one get through .... ?

I don't know if Ed got his copy... Ed lives in Deventer and I live
in Apeldoorn. We work together very well, but still I'm not entitled
to watch his mail! :))))

Have you got Rebel 9, by the way?


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