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Subject: Re: About search algorithms and heuristics

Author: blass uri

Date: 07:33:42 05/26/00

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On May 26, 2000 at 09:21:01, Josť Carlos wrote:

>  I'm curious about what search algorithms and heuristics do commercial and
>amateur programs use, for example, null move vs no null move, PVS vs MTD(f) and
>so on.
>  In Averno, I use PVS and AS, and haven't tried null move cause I'm a little
>afraid of losing precision in short tactics, though I see most programs use null
>  Junior is said not use null move. Do any other of you guys or commecial
>programmers not use null move?

I know that Rebel does not use null move(the reason for not using null move is
that Rebel is using other prunning ideas and using also null moves will be too

I read that chessmaster6000 uses null move but I think that it does not use it
in the same way that other programs use it and depth 3/12 probably means that it
does not use null move in the first 3 plies.


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