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Subject: move_generation + hash

Author: Georg v. Zimmermann

Date: 07:02:05 05/28/00


today I realized that the program I'm toying around with does in its search()

1.) generate all moves
2.) order the moves and put hash move if available to 1st position
3.) do the recursive search

I thought that I could increase its speed by testing the hash move first and
only if not >= beta do the move generation and the rest.

From my tests it shows that it sticks with the hash-move about 50% of the time.
Should this number be higher ?

I was very dissapointed when I didn't notice any speedup after my changes. What
speedup should I expect ? Something like 0.5-1% or more like 1ply ?

Am I doing something wrong or does this simply not matter as much as I thought ?

Thx for any help,

when I'm talking about hash move I mean hash move searched to less than current
depth of course.

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