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Subject: Better subject title: Move ordering

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 15:57:38 05/31/00

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On May 31, 2000 at 18:02:42, Bas Hamstra wrote:

>I read another thread about Killers and have an opinion on it.
>- Doing captures separately speeds you up considerably

Depends on what you mean by "considerably." I'm doing a full width search on
~10% of the nodes that I search. So the speedup that I can expect is
significantly less than 10%.

>- Doing an on the fly legality check for killers speeds you up noticably

Not if you've already generated them. :)

>- Doing SEE based pruning of losing captures in the qsearch cuts the number of
>nodes and improves node/qnode ratio. You don't have to SEE sort for it. I doubt
>SEE sorting is a winner anyway.

I've used SEE for a long time and I haven't been extremely happy with it. It's
not in my experimental program.

>- Having the former, you can skip losing captures in the normal search as well
>with it, and do those later. Improves sorting noticably.

In my previous programs, using the SEE to order moves had a speedup of 10%.


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