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Subject: Paris: It was a fantastic week for me !

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 10:37:14 11/02/97

The WMCCC is finished, we have a new and worthy champion with Junior,
and most teams are already on their way homeward.

In the beginning I was only an ordinary internet kibitz, but then
the circumstances ( failing internet connection of the tournament
hall ) and the idea of Thorsten Czub and Chris Whittington to bridge
this gap by information calls from Thorsten's handy afficionadoed also
me. I took over Chris' position to type things in the net, when he
left Oxford on Wednesday; and it was real fun for me to continue with
this job until today.

Typically I am less active with my internet contributions ( normally
only a few postings per week ), and now got some impression how "Mr.
Internet" Bob Hyatt must feel with his dozens of postings per day.
But, probably he feels differently. :)

After all my thanks go to Thorsten Czub ( he operated CSTal   a n d
gave the phone calls ), Chris Whittington, Bob Hyatt ( for the cross-
tabling ), Mathias Feist ( collecting the game notations ), Jean-Chris
tophe Chazalette ( carrying disks through Paris to an Internet access)
 for their enthusiastic collaboration! Thanks also to Steve Schwartz
for sponsoring the telephone calls, and to ICDChess for providing the
CCC Message Board! I will never forget this week.  Ingo Althoefer.

PS: Please excuse, that I often used shortened program names instead of
the true ones ( for instance "Virtual" instead of "Virtual Chess II" ),
and also excuse the errors which were in my messages here and there.
Finally, have a look at the webpage at There you will find the following
sentence in Italian: "Junior ... disponibile ... come motore opzionale
di Fritz 5" which may be also understood by people who are not fluend in
Italian. ( For my taste Italian is the nicest of all languages. )

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