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Subject: Why the name Faile?

Author: Adrien Regimbald

Date: 02:49:18 06/28/00


A lot of people have been asking me this lately :P

No - it is _not_ a typo on "Fail" :P

It is actually the name of a character from the very popular Wheel of Time
series by Robert Jordan.  I wanted to use a different name from the series, but
it was taken, and I eventually settled on Faile ;)

But - recently I came across something funny online.. "Faile" would turn out to
be a scientific term of sorts :P

Here's the definition:
The Faile effect: The effect seemed to consist of
occasional circumstances where common, normally opaque objects ranging
from one's forearm, to sheet metal, to furniture, would appear to turn
partially transparent.  More distant objects seemed to be visible through
these structures, even to the extent of such details as printed

You can see the whole article at:

It's sort of interesting, I didn't know that such things happened.. :)

Anyhow, Faile is free, open source, and I hope you like it, regardless of the
name :P


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