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Subject: Re: Why is Chessmaster so popular in CCC?

Author: John Merlino

Date: 13:39:20 07/05/00

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On July 05, 2000 at 15:54:03, Mogens Larsen wrote:

>On July 05, 2000 at 15:22:08, Dann Corbit wrote:
>>On the other hand, if the stuff on the box is true, then it has sold 100 times
>>as many programs as all of the others put together.
>That's probably true. I guess it appeals to a broader audience, which isn't bad
>IMHO. There has to be something for everyone and by most accounts a nice
>Best wishes...

Just in case anybody's curious (and I'm DEFINITELY sure that this is off-topic,
but what the hell), the entire Chessmaster line (CM7000, CM6000, CM5500, CM5000,
CM6000 Mac, Chessmaster II Playstation and Chessmaster for the Color GameBoy)
sold approximately 625,000 total units in 1999, for a total revenue of just
under $7 million after returns.

Chessmaster 7000, for 1999 (really only a little less than the last three months
of the year), sold about 97,000 units, for about $2.7 million in revenue after

I would certainly call that a "broader audience" than the other programs that
are talked about here, but I would never say that one program is better than
another simply because of sales (or, on the other hand, isn't worth buying just
because you can find it on the shelf next to The Sims).


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