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Subject: ChessPartner Summer updates + Java chess

Author: Lex Loep

Date: 13:25:37 07/11/00

Just before the summer holiday season we have made a few small

Update 1 for ChessPartner 4.3

This update brings some small enhancements.

- Increased the history size of the statistics window from
  100 to 500 lines.
- During game analysis, some functions like window minimize
  are now possible.
- Some score outputs where not properly localized.
- Histogram has tooltips to show move and score.
- Histogram remains aspect ratio during resize, this makes
  it possible to show more moves.
- Internet console now set the interface variable. The value
  of the variable depends on the selected engine and whether
  the 'Computer plays' option is selected. The value will look
  like this:  'ChessPartner 4.3 + Engine: LCHESS' or
  when the 'Computer plays' option is not selected is looks
  like this: 'ChessPartner 4.3 ( No engine )'.
- The 'Computer plays' option can only be changed when there
  is no active session.
- When playing on ICC/FICS it is no longer possible to enable
  the analyse mode while playing a match. It is possible to
  enable analyse mode while observing a game.

The update can be downloaded from the downloads section:

Download size is approx 260 kb.

Java Chess applet freeware

After we where getting some requests for the java chess
applet we have decided to make it freeware. The java
chess applet allows you to play a simple chess game in
any browser. Now you may use it to enhance your own
personal home page with a free chess game.

If you have not played it yet, check it out at:

If you like it you may download it for free from the
downloads section.

I forgot, the program is called 'Little ChessPartner'

Lex Loep

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