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Subject: NPS

Author: Andreas Mader

Date: 00:30:27 11/14/97

Chris has claimed many times that his CSTal only searches 4000 NPS and
performed very well in Paris, whereas the 'fast searchers' (>100
KiloNPS) had their problems.

This is of course true, but it leads to a question: How do you count the
NPS? I don't know if this has been asked before, but I would like to
know, how different programs are counting NPS. Can it be that Chris is
simply the 'king of understatement' because he uses a different

If you find a position in the hash tables, do you count it?
If a position has a 'clear' material balance so that you do not need to
do some 'fine tuning' in the evaluation function, do you count it?
When you do quiescence search, do you count the NPSs?
etc. etc.

Could it be that the 'real' factor between knowledge based programs and
fast searchers is not that big (4000 : 200.000)?

Best wishes

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