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Subject: Re: Correction, Sorry Re: Is the NPS tend to grow at the end of the game?

Author: leonid

Date: 19:42:01 07/24/00

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On July 24, 2000 at 20:11:35, José de Jesús García Ruvalcaba wrote:

>On July 24, 2000 at 17:01:37, leonid wrote:
>>On July 24, 2000 at 14:22:16, José de Jesús García Ruvalcaba wrote:
>>>Hi Leonid,
>>>	«the Game» needs a transposition table. It will make wonders for it.
>>Saludos Jose,
>>I am not against transpositional tables but I wanted to see what influence they
>>have on NPS in every program. Bob H. said that there was no influence. I tried
>>to see what it as in real life. After my few trial, Bob H. was completely right.
>NPS might be the same, but with a hash table The Game will search deeper plies
>and play stronger chess.

I know this but my intention is to write this part only after finishing with my
basic part of program. When I will see that no more crude speed could be
obtained, it will come time for hash tables, tactics and so like. It is quit
possible that I am close to the final, third part of my writing. But it could be
that I am wrong. From one side, I was able to speed my program very much when I
less expected to do so. From other side my program is able to loose in NPS even
now (in some positions) against, at least, one speedy program. And mine still
have no tactical part. And this part should drain some NPS down as well.


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