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Subject: CCC Elections: Results are in!!!

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 14:51:19 08/16/00

The elections are over and the three winners are:
    A) Bob Hyatt
    B) Djordje Vidanovic
    C) Dann Corbit

Dan Homan is the alternate moderator.

Tim has changed the Moderator Email link on the board to reflect the three new
moderators before we leave work this afternoon so all complaints/criticisms will
then start to go to Bob, Djordje, and Dann.

My personal thanks to Dave, Andrew, and Tom for your hard work and diligence. It
is not an easy job and the pay certainly stinks!

Good luck to the new moderators.
Regards, Steve

Dan Andersson
37 Votes
4.99 %

David Blackman
37 Votes
4.99 %

Dann Corbit
98 Votes
13.21 %

Eelco de Groot
50 Votes
6.74 %

Dan Homan
80 Votes
10.78 %

Bob Hyatt
152 Votes
20.49 %
Mogens Larsen
73 Votes
9.84 %

Albert Silver
44 Votes
5.93 %
Peter Skinner
48 Votes
6.47 %
Djordje Vidanovic
123 Votes
16.58 %

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