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Subject: Re: (Graphics version for leonid)

Author: leonid

Date: 09:20:04 08/28/00

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On August 28, 2000 at 00:14:52, Michel Langeveld wrote:

>(mate in 7)
>[D] 1QBK1Q1R/P1PPP2P/6QB/8/4N3/2n4n/p1kpp2p/rqb1qqr1 w - -
>bm Nf2+;
>ce 32754;
>dm 7;
>pv Nf2+ Rxg6 Qf5+ Ne4 Qxe4+ Kc3 Bg7+ Rxg7 Qe5+ Kc4 Ba6+ Qb5 Qbxb5#;

Thank you very much for graphics!

Very liked this position. Contain inside heavy artificial flavor. Heavy enough
to spot some natural allergy in move generator or in mate solving logic.

AMD 400. Mate solver inside of LLchess. Default level find the mate in 7 moves,
in less that 0.055 sec. Can't say exact time since time counter indicate 0.

Position is time consuming if solution must be found by brute force. Started
with 4 moves brute force search and found that mate not existe in 6 moves for
sure. Mate existe in 7 moves and up.

Brute force search took time:
4 moves - 4.6 sec.
5 moves - 2 min 42 sec.
6 moves - 1 hour 41 min.

When tried to solve the position by brute force in seven moves, waited for 30
minites and stopped program. Too long time to wait. Find all the moves that lead
to mate in 7 moves I even not tried. After branching factor (around 6) it could
take more that one day and half to see them all.


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