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Subject: Two mate position to solve.

Author: leonid

Date: 04:34:48 09/06/00


Please, solve this position and say how much difference your hash table did.

Indicate any parameter of your search that you consider important.

It is pretty normal position from the book.

 kb6/B3P3/K1P5/p7/P7/3r4//8/8 w

My solver could not resolve it by selective search and went paintful 24 sec (AMD
400) before finding the mate. Mine have no hash tables. When I went to see it on
Rebel 10, I was impressed. His time in solving the position knew around 6 fold
improvement between solution without hash and with it. His hash was 28 M.

 q1bkb1q1/2nqn3/1BrnrB2/1R1Q1R2/1NNQNN2/2Q1Q3/2QQQ3/3K4 w

This last, is the fantasy position. Did it yesterday. Also could not solve it at
minimum number of moves by selective search. It took lengthy 18.5 min to reach
minimum number of moves for mate by brute force. Selective search can reach it
only if one move more is permitted. Then it take it in 2 sec. But how much hash
table could help in this position?


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