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Subject: Questions about Mate Searching.

Author: William Bryant

Date: 13:28:09 09/23/00

I am adding a specific Mate search to my program and trying various
combinations of search settings.  I was curious about the setting others are

For a search for mate (in an unknown number of moves)
I was going to set Beta to Infinity (32768), Alpha to a mate limit (32768 - 300)
and use iterative deepening, no PVS, ignore fail lows at the root
(which means it didn't find a mate at that depth).
I was also going to use NULL moves but no PVS since until mate is found,
you do not have a best move.

For a search for mate in N, I was going to change alpha to Infinity - plydepth
(32768 - (N * 2)), and set the initial iterative depth to N*2 rather than use
iterative deepening.  This should say if there is a mate at this depth.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

Any comments would be appreciated.


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