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Subject: Re: Schach 2.7 vs Cray Blitz [1986 World Computer Chess Championship]

Author: Howard Exner

Date: 14:58:09 10/24/00

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On October 24, 2000 at 09:22:17, José Antônio Fabiano Mendes wrote:

>     Schach 2.7 vs Cray Blitz
>     1986 World Computer Chess Championship
>     [D]8/2p5/2B2k2/p4bp1/3P4/6K1/1P6/8 b
>     Adjudicated a win for Black.
>     Can today's chess programs find the win?  JAFM
>     [on second thought,did Cray Blitz really have a win?]

Those are good questions, especially the first one. Some programs might miss the
potential drawing resources for white. For example black's a pawn Queening
square is the opposite color of its bishop, so it may exchange its c pawn for
black's d pawn and get a draw in some lines without realising it.

I think the position is a win.

1... Ke7 2. Bd5 Be6 3. Bc6 Kd6 4. Be4 Bd5 5. Bf5 Kc6 6. Bd3 Be6 7. Kf2
Kb6 8. Kg3 a4 9. Be2 Ka5 10. Bf3 Kb4 11. Bd1 Bd7 12. Kf2 Kc4 13. Ke3 g4
{I think this position can be forced
even with a different sequence of moves for black }
14. Bc2 g3 15. Kf3 Kxd4 16. Bg6 g2 17. Kxg2 Ke3 *

I think there is most likely a better choice of moves for white but this
line gives one plan for a possible win for black. Maybe there's something

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