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Subject: A few notes from Arasan's games in CCT2

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 18:25:01 11/05/00

A few notes on Arasan's games from CCT-2:

Arasan beat Insomniac in the first round. Insomniac
opened the h file but this actually wound up
benefiting White after 39. Qh2. The final blow was
at this point:

[D] 5k2/5q2/pp1rp1Q1/5p2/2P1pNp1/6P1/P7/5R1K w - -

when Arasan played the surprising but strong move c4.
Insomniac was unlucky in this tournament it seems.

Arasan played a Benko gambit against Crafty. After
9. f4 (which is unusual but seems quite good) Arasan
was out of book and it never had a positive score
for the whole game. Crafty was hitting 1 million NPS,
Arasan about 200k. It is a bit surprising Crafty
didn't do better in the overall standings.

Arasan-lambchop was interesting. It was book until
move 17. Arasan was worse but managed to create
and push a passed pawn. After 32. cxb1=Q it actually
had a + score briefly.

However, soon after, lambchop found f4! in this
position, and won quickly:

[D] 5q2/3Q1N1p/r4kp1/4p3/3nb3/1B5P/5PP1/1R4K1 w - -

The last round game was aginst Terrax, which I've
never even heard of.

TerraX as White played e4 e6 c4 and Arasan was out of
book right away. It played strongly and it looked
ready to win the endgame but Arasan wound up with
a passer, too, and managed to draw. Anyone have any
information on TerraX?

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