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Subject: Re: LCT II Fin4, Deep Thought, and Deep Blue (was Re: LCT II results...)

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 05:41:20 01/07/98

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On January 07, 1998 at 06:24:02, Amir Ban wrote:

>On January 06, 1998 at 20:10:07, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>This I don't follow.  What micro has beaten a GM in 40/2?  In a match
>>of 40/2?  What micro has beaten as many GM's as DB in anything
>>blitz, where most micros do ok at times)...
>Are you joking ? This is happening all the time nowadays. I didn't
>count, but I think the most numbers of computer wins over GM's at full
>time come from Aegon. There's also Rebel-Yusupov, and I think I remember
>at least one time with Fritz  (Glek ?). My own contribution is Gofshtein
>(1994) and Kossashvili (1996). There are only several GM-computer games
>played each year, but the computers have decent percentages, which is
>not surprising since they are playing at the strong-IM/GM level

1.  Last time I looked, Aegon wasn't full tournament time control.  It
was faster.

2.  computers are not yet at strong IGM level in tournament chess.  In
blitz, yes.  40/2?  Nope.

>Matches ? There weren't any. OK, there was Rebel-Yusupov, and
>Junior-J.Polgar (which I lost). These things don't happen because
>there's no money. The truth is that there was only one company that
>would put up a million dollars to drag the world champion to its back
>yard, and even it lost interest now. I know from experience that even a
>few thousand dollars is next to impossible to get. We are trying to
>organize a Polgar rematch without success for two years, and there are
>plans to organize a Junior-Alterman match which proceed smoothly until
>money is discussed.

there have been other micro matches.  With disastrous results.  There
have been DB matches with predicted results.  The two aren't close.

>Most GM wins at non-blitz ? I have eight: Gofshtein, Bikhovsky, Har-Zvi
>(twice), Liss, Finkel, J.Polgar, Kossashvili, plus a few draws including

what time controls?  I beat Walter Browne in a (roughly) 30 second per
move match.  5 computers beat 5 GM's a year ago in a game/30 tournament.
But those are *not* tournament time controls.

I can post perhaps a *hundred* wins against GM's at non-blitz.  But I
can also post several hundred losses.  :)

But the
problems are:  (1) they are still "skittles"-type games with no prizes
or anything;  (2) they are *not* 40/2...  many are game/30, some are
of the form 30/30 (30 mins + 30 sec increment) and so forth.  But I'm
enough to know that crafty is *not* a gm-level player.  That's wishful
thinking...  The best GM's are still *very* difficult, even at blitz.
less "standard" time controls...

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