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Subject: Re: LCT II Fin4, Deep Thought, and Deep Blue (was Re: LCT II results...)

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 23:11:41 01/07/98

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On January 07, 1998 at 22:55:57, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>I tried singular extensions in 1978 and it dropped me from 5 back to 4,
>and I decided (eventually) that it was no good.  Hsu tried it with much
>faster hardware and it worked.  It even seems to work well for him at
>100K nps based on the match he ran, which has convinced me to give this
>another try later on...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  My original question is completely
forgotten, of course.

The problem is that the information conduit from Hsu/Campbell to the
rest of the planet is narrow and defective.

Things are getting reported as truth that aren't truth or are incomplete
truth.  Speculation is being reported as truth because it fits with what
little we know from them, and mistakes are being made and passed off as
truth, because of the absence of primary sources.

I don't have any beef with Campbell and Hsu.  I don't want to make them
look bad.  I want to get good stuff from them that people will believe.
I want them to look good, because they've done a lot of work and deserve
to look good.  It really bothers me that the last time I tried to
clarify this stuff, I started an awful controversy that blossomed into a
very long thread that didn't help anything.

Whenever I see anyone try to use these scrambled facts to try to draw
conclusions either way, it makes me want to eat cardboard.

I say again, that in the absence of publication from Hsu/Campbell, it is
very dangerous to argue any side of this.


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