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Subject: Re: Singular extensions

Author: Mark Young

Date: 21:18:05 01/08/98

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On January 08, 1998 at 17:01:56, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>Could this be how Genius gets the answer to Wac 141 extremely quickly?

I ran across a problem set over the net that claimed if chess program x
solved this problem in a few sec it used singular extensions. This was
some time back and I do not remember where I found it at, But I did test
Chessgenius 4 and CM5k and some other programs I had at the time. The
only program I had that found the right move almost instantly was
chessmaster 5000. All other programs failed to find the right move no
matter how long i gave them to search. So you mite want to try running
CM5K on Wac 141 just to see how it does.

                                              Mark Young

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