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Subject: Qsearch problems...(about sorting and SEE)

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 08:01:25 11/26/00


Now my state-of-art-brand-new-super-extra-paradigm-chess-program (no, that's not
the final name...) works and searches easily 5-7 plies deep on slow Celeron
300MHZ(without the cache) at about 200-300 KNPS!! Man, I'm so excited! I have
programmed only the basic things: PVS, Qsearch, standard nullmove. Now the
problem is the qsearch: it explodes the tree. I have about 10x qnodes than
"normal" nodes, which is too much. The reason is probably that the only sorting
I do is LVA (least valuable aggressor) as my captures are generated starting
from pawns. Would the MVV/LVA solve my problem? How does SEE work (any links)?
Do i just take one capture from the move list and check out the outcome of
capture series statically? And if the result is 0 (or should it be negative?) I
just dump that move. Thanks for any advice!


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