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Subject: Re: Win at Chess

Author: Don Dailey

Date: 08:29:29 01/18/98

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Hi Amir,

I don't think it's easy at all.   I hope there are a lot of problems
and it will take time to check them.   Eventually the set will evolve
and people will discover that problems are cooked, have multiple
solutions or just plain wrong or unsuitable for various reasons.

Someone (probably Bob Hyatt) should be the "editor" of the set and
make the deletions as people find and report the bad problems.  There
should be a repository or simple way to get the latest version and at
some point we should pronounce it stable so it doesn't change forever!

Also we should give the problem set a name to distinguish it.

- Don

On January 18, 1998 at 05:02:23, Amir Ban wrote:

>On January 17, 1998 at 23:57:02, Don Dailey wrote:
>>Ok I'm running the problems tonight to cull the easy ones.  The ones
>>my program cannot find in under 10 seconds must remain in the set
>>assuming they are not bad problems as we discussed.   When we have
>>a final set I/we can test for multiple solutions.  I can hack my
>>program to not include they key move in the root move list and look for
>>multiple solutions (near the same score.)   Who is the third volunteer?
>>- Don
>I can supply a log of a 20-sec run on P6/200, which also shows time to
>This project may be a bit tougher than you guys think. In 10 seconds, on
>decent hardware, expect to get 500-580, depending on how good you are. I
>can say for sure for a few that they are wrong. For example, in one case
>I find differently and it's a mate. In another, it's WAC #210, but with
>a wrong key (Bb5).
>Still, if you don't solve, assume it's your own fault. There are some
>really tough ones there, including at least one from BS2830, one of
>those that you don't solve. There are also several draw assignments at
>the end, which are tactical, but depend on your point of view: If you
>are optimistic, you don't want the draw.

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