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Subject: Re: Bratko-Kopec

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 09:53:29 01/18/98

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On January 18, 1998 at 12:41:43, Ernst A. Heinz wrote:

>On a 500MHz DEC Alpha-21164a PC164 "DarkThought" finds Qh5+ after 13 sec
>in iteration #10 with a fail-high that gets resolved to something like

Right, this is my point.  I think this sub-tree needs to be understood
before someone can take credit for 1. e6.  In Computers, Chess, and
Cognition (1990), Marsland gives results for over 20 programs, all of
them played 1. e6 except one.  On the kind of hardware many of them were
running in those days, I wonder how many of them really understood this

What do you think the chances are that anything would understand the
consequences of 1. ... fxe6, in a minute and a half, on a 486/33?


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