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Subject: Re: Hash table efficiency

Author: Angrim

Date: 03:57:09 12/07/00

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On December 05, 2000 at 15:46:15, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>Try this position:
>/k/3p/p2P1p/P2P1P///K/ w
>The solution is Kb1, and should take between 18 plies and maybe 21-22 plies
>to find.  If you can't get to 18 instantly, your hashing is not working right.
>For comparison, on a 550mhz single cpu machine, Crafty can reach depth 34 in
>8.2 seconds...

Nice test position.  My program first settles on Kb1 at ply 20 with a small
edge(positional eval) over Ka2/Kb2 after 0.11 seconds :)
It finally sees that it wins a pawn at ply 25 after another 0.3 seconds
It adds another pawn to the advantage at ply 32, after 4.2 seconds and then
it runs out of hash table or something because it takes longer than I cared
to wait for ply 33.

ps. this is with check extensions on, so maybe it finally sees a queen and
that made the search blow up? :)

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