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Subject: new Arasan test suite

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 07:03:19 12/11/00

I've been building a small test suite for a while based on positions
from Arasan games. Recently I took a closer look at this, weeded out
very easy and very hard positions, and a few where I wasn't sure there
was a clear right answer. Then I added some more positions from recent
games. So now I have a condensed version with 70 positions, which follows.

Arasan is now getting about 30 right at 60 seconds/move on a PIII/733
with 16MB hash. Crafty 17.6 got 48 right on the same machine.

Note that some of these are "avoid move" positions where you get the right
score by avoiding a bad move. Not all chess programs that are EPD processors can
handle this.

I'm particuarly fond of a few of these positions. arasan.87 is a sneaky
move that Phalanx played against me in a game:

[D] r3r1k1/pb1n1p2/1p1p1n1p/q1pPpN2/2P4p/2PBPP2/P1Q3PP/1R3RK1 w - -


The last one is interesting, too:

[D] 8/pB6/8/8/5kpp/1P3p2/P6P/4K3 b - -

g3 loses here. Maybe Ke3, the suggested move, doesn't save Black, either, but
it's not as fast a loss.


1r1r2k1/ppp2ppp/8/8/3Pq1bN/4P1P1/P2Q1P1P/1RR3K1 w - - bm f3; id "arasan.4";

6r1/2r4k/1N2p1p1/pQb2p1p/P4P2/3RP1P1/2q4P/3R2K1 w - - bm Nc4; id "arasan.6";

2r3k1/4Bppp/p7/1p1bP3/8/2n5/P1PR2PP/R5K1 b - - am Bxa2; id "arasan.11";

1rbq1rk1/3n1pb1/p5p1/3pP3/3Q4/P1N2N1P/5P2/R1B2RK1 w - - am Nxd5; id "arasan.17";

4r3/1p2rp2/p2k2p1/2bP1p1p/R7/2N2P2/PPK2PRP/8 w - - bm Kd3; id "arasan.21";

8/1p2r1kp/1p1R2p1/4qp2/1P6/P1p1P1P1/5P1P/3Q2K1 w - - am Rxb6; id "arasan.23";

2r3k1/ppr2p1p/2nQ2p1/q2p3P/n2P4/B2BP3/5PP1/R1R3K1 b - - bm Kg7; id "arasan.24";

qr3k2/4Rp1p/1prp2p1/1Q1N2P1/1PPbRP2/6KP/8/8 b - - bm Qa1; id "arasan.25";

3r1rk1/ppp2ppp/2n5/3qPb2/4n3/3B1Q2/PP3PPP/RNB1R1K1 w - - bm Bxe4; id

2Q5/1p2q1k1/p2bp1p1/3n3p/P2P3P/1P2p1P1/1B2BP2/6K1 w - - am f4; id "arasan.27";

R7/5Qpk/2p1p2p/1bqp4/8/7P/5PP1/6K1 b - - bm Bd3; id "arasan.28";

8/1k6/2p5/r5p1/p3R3/5PpP/PPr3P1/1R5K w - - bm Rg4; id "arasan.32";

r1br2k1/pp3p2/2p2npp/q3p3/2P1n3/2P1PN2/PBB1QPPP/R4RK1 w - - am Bxe4; id

5r1k/ppp2qp1/3p1n1p/b3p3/4P1b1/2PP3P/P1Q2PP1/RNB2RK1 w - - am hxg4; id

2r3k1/1b1nqppp/p3p3/8/1pQPn3/4PNP1/PP3PBP/RN4K1 w - - bm Qf1; id "arasan.40";

r3r1k1/6p1/1pqp2Np/2p1nP1P/N1PbPQ2/1P3PR1/P2K4/7R w - - bm f6; id "arasan.44";

5r2/4kP2/8/8/1p6/1Pp3P1/5P1P/3R2K1 w - - am Rd4; id "arasan.45";

1r4k1/1rp2ppp/3n4/p7/P2Nq3/1P1Rn3/4Q1PP/2R1B1K1 b - - am c5; id "arasan.52";

6k1/p5bp/8/1N4p1/P7/B4pP1/2b1rP1P/5RK1 w - - bm Bc5; id "arasan.55";

1r1q2k1/pBp3p1/4p2B/4br2/3n2Q1/6P1/P4P1P/R4RK1 w - - bm Be4; id "arasan.58";

r3k1r1/pp1bnp1Q/4p3/q2pP3/3n1P2/P1p3P1/2P4P/1RB1KBNR w Kq - am Rxb7;
id "arasan.65";

rn2kb1r/pp2pppp/2p2n2/q2p4/2PP4/4PN2/PP1BBPPP/1R1QK2R b Kkq - am Qxa2; id

r1q2nk1/1b2bppp/1p2p3/5N2/1PP5/6B1/2B1QPPP/1R1r2K1 w - - bm Rxd1; id

2k5/r6b/r7/2pB4/2P2p1N/6nP/PR2p1P1/2K1R3 w - - bm Kd2; id "arasan.76";

r4q1r/pkp5/1p1p1N1n/P2P1nB1/8/2P5/1P2Q3/R3R1K1 b - - bm Qf7; id "arasan.80";

1B4k1/5p2/K5p1/7p/P4P2/5P2/8/6n1 b - - bm f5; id "arasan.81";

2rq1rk1/1p2b1pp/4b3/3npp2/8/2BPP1P1/2QN1PBP/1R3RK1 w - - bm Nc4; id "arasan.82";

4k3/5ppQ/1n3b2/3bp3/1B6/1P1R2NP/5PPK/1qr5 w - - bm Ba5; id "arasan.83";

r2qr1k1/p1p2pp1/5n2/2b2b1p/4PP2/2NP2QP/PP6/R1B1K1NR b KQ e3 bm Nxe4 Bxe4; id

r3r1k1/pb1n1p2/1p1p1n1p/q1pPpN2/2P4p/2PBPP2/P1Q3PP/1R3RK1 w - - bm Qf2; id

r3k2r/1b1n1ppp/pq2p3/2b1P3/Q2N2n1/3B1N1P/PP3PP1/R1B2RK1 b kq - bm Nxf2; id

4k3/1p4p1/2pbP2p/2Rn4/8/r2P2Pq/4QP1P/4R1K1 w - - bm Rxd5; id "arasan.89";

6k1/6pp/pRp5/r7/2P5/1P6/PK6/8 b - - am c5; id "arasan.91";

q2r2k1/1bpn1ppp/1p1bp3/8/r2PP3/P4NP1/1BQ2PBP/3RR1K1 w - - bm e5; id "arasan.92";

q2r2k1/1bpn1ppp/1p2p3/4P1N1/r2P4/b5P1/1BQ2PBP/3RR1K1 b - - bm Nf8; id

1r5k/p1R3pp/6r1/3n4/3Pq3/Q3B2P/PP3P2/4RK2 w - - bm Rc5; id "arasan.100";

rnbq1rk1/p3nppp/1p2p3/2ppP3/3P4/P1PB1N2/2P2PPP/R1BQK2R w KQ - bm Bxh7+; id

4nr1k/r4p1p/2bq4/pp1pNP2/3P3Q/2P5/4PPB1/RR4K1 w - - bm c4; id "arasan.104";

8/p7/1p6/5P1p/3bK2P/Pk6/8/2B5 b - - bm Kc4; id "arasan.117";

1k6/p1pr3r/Qpn1p2p/3nPpp1/P1NP4/1qP5/3B1PPP/2R1RK2 b - - bm Nd8; id

3r2k1/1pq1n1pp/p2r1p2/3bp3/P7/RNPR1PPB/1P5P/4Q1K1 w - - bm Bf1; id "arasan.120";

2r5/3kpp1p/3p2p1/1P1P4/1B1p1PP1/1P5P/r2N1K2/5B2 w - - bm Bc4; id "arasan.122";

5rk1/5ppp/n7/p6n/2rBP3/q2P1N2/3Q1KPP/7R w - - bm Ra1; id "arasan.125";

3r3k/p1b3p1/2R1pr1p/3q4/3PQ3/5p2/P4PPP/B3R1K1 b - - bm Bxh2+; id "arasan.130";

1r1n3k/3qbppp/pr1p4/2pPpP2/2P1N1Q1/R6P/1P3PP1/2B1R1K1 w - - bm Bh6; id

6rk/1R4n1/p3p3/6R1/2Pp1n2/1P6/P5PP/6K1 w - - bm Kf2; id "arasan.137";

2r2rk1/p2R1ppp/2p1p3/q3N1b1/8/1P4P1/P3QP1P/3R2K1 b - - am Bf6; id "arasan.138";

1k4r1/ppq2p2/2p1p1r1/2QP1p2/7p/2P2P1n/PPR3P1/4RB1K b - - bm Ng5; id

1rb1qrk1/p1pp1ppp/2n5/4P3/4n3/4BN2/PP2BPPP/R2Q1RK1 w - - bm Qd5; id

1r2r1k1/p4ppp/2n1pq2/2P5/Q1Ppb3/8/P2NPPPP/3RKB1R b K - bm Qf5 Qg6; id

q2r2k1/rbpn1ppp/1p1bp3/8/P2PP3/P4NP1/1BQ2PBP/3RR1K1 b - - bm c6; id

2rqr1k1/1b1n1ppp/pp2p3/4N3/PbPPpB2/1PN3P1/R2Q1P1P/2R3K1 b - - bm Nf8; id

r4k2/5pp1/q1nbp1bp/3p4/1p4PP/1P1PQB2/P1R2P2/B3N1K1 w - - bm h5; id "arasan.147";

2q2k1r/1pbb1ppp/2n2n2/1B2p3/Q3P3/4BP1P/PP4P1/1KRR4 w - - bm Rxd7; id

8/4bp2/4p3/1p2Pk2/2pK1Pp1/2P3Pp/P2B3P/8 b - - bm Bd8; id "arasan.149";

7k/3r2p1/7p/1pq1pp1P/p4n2/P1P2PQ1/1P1r4/1KN1R1R1 b - - bm g5; id "arasan.150";

2q1r3/3n2pk/p4r1p/3Q4/R1P1pN2/4BnP1/5P1P/R6K b - - bm Rxf4; id "arasan2.1";

r2n3r/pb1qn1kB/1p2p1p1/3pP1N1/P1pP2P1/2P4R/1QPB1PK1/R7 w - - bm Qc1 Qb1;

r5k1/1p3pp1/2p2n2/2Pp1b2/PR1P1P1P/4Q1Pq/8/1R2B1K1 w - - am Rxb7; id "arasan2.3";

q3kb1r/5p2/2b3p1/r3pn1p/8/1PP1B1P1/P1R1Q2P/2NN1RK1 b - - bm h4; id "arasan2.4";

5q2/3Q1N1p/r4kp1/4p3/3nb3/1B5P/5PP1/1R4K1 w - - bm f4; id "arasan2.5";

5rk1/1p1P1ppp/pBn1p1r1/3p4/6P1/RPP4K/7P/4R3 w - - bm Ra5; id "arasan2.6";

r3k1r1/p1ppq1Bp/1pn5/5B2/8/6P1/PPQ1PP1P/5RK1 w q - bm Bh6; id "arasan2.7";

3r4/6p1/p7/P1Pk1pP1/1p1P4/3R2P1/5K2/8 b - - bm Kc4; id "arasan2.8";

2rr2k1/1Q3ppp/2Rp4/p2Pp3/P1P1q3/8/5PPP/1R4K1 b - - am Rxc6; id "arasan2.9";

3r2k1/2qn1ppp/8/1pbrp3/pP1N4/P2P2P1/RB2RP1P/4QK2 w - - bm Nxb5; id "arasan2.10";

3r3k/6p1/7p/1N6/2pP4/p3PbP1/R4P2/5K2 b - - bm Rd8; id "arasan2.11";

r2qr3/2pn1pbk/2n3pp/1p1bp3/p7/2PPB1NP/PPBN1PPK/R2QR3 b - - bm f5; id

5rk1/2pN2pp/1p1bp1rq/pP1n4/P2P4/6P1/1B2QP1P/2R2RK1 b - - bm Nf4; id

8/pB6/8/8/5kpp/1P3p2/P6P/4K3 b - - bm Ke3; id "arasan2.14";

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